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Micromusee is a market leader in French museums, particularly national museums. It offers a reference in documentation and collections management, compatible with all types of collections. Micromusee is comprehensive and yet simple to use; allowing for flexibility through the use of parameters, profiles and filters. A full web version is available, as well as an online display with the OPACWeb module. Adapted versions to specialised and small sized collections are also available..
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The first port of call in the range of Mobydoc Software is Mobydoc express: a more concentrated version of Micromusee. In stand alone version, it offers a simplified default model that caters to all the needs of a small museum and is entirely compatible with Micromusee. The publication of data on line is made possible with the additional module: E-Catalogue.

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Widely used to manage Natural Science Collections, SN Base proposes a default model that is specifically adapted to the requirements of these types of collection. It has the same interface and central functions as the other software in the range, and offers, equally, the possibility of publication on line.

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Intended for the management of a document centre linked to a collection, MOBYTEXT offers specialised functions for the management of the inventory, loans and catalogue. It possesses the same consultation and search interface as the other software in the Mobydoc range, as well as the same general modules and appropriate tools to publish data on line.

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Created for archive centres, GAPI offers specially adapted functions that are capable of managing these types of catalogue: description of localisations and of archive science on several levels, and authority files. GAPI possesses other key functions that are consistent features in the Mobydoc range; for example the possibility of publication on line.

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‘Collection privées’ was specifically conceived for private collectors who were in need of a professional tool that was able to describe works and manage collections. This software allows them to achieve a full inventory of all types of collection and to manage it effectively, in this way, publication on line is secure. The key Mobydoc functions are accessible to the user.

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Software that manages photographical collections, both contemporary and historic, MOBYDOC PHOTO allows for precise analytical and historical descriptions of the photographs and professional management of collections: conservation, circulation of copies. Combined with the module that facilitates the publication of data on line, this software allows the management of all types of photograph libraries.

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Specifically for the management of film libraries, MOBYDOC FILMO allows for precise analytical and historical descriptions of the films. Combined with copy management tools and an access to communal functions from the range of Mobydoc software, this software is an indispensible resource for professionals.

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A resource that manages architectural heritage and various projects linked to this subject, MOBYDOC ARCHI facilitates the description of the edifices on a documentary and architectural level, and allows for project management.

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Mobydoc users have various collections for which they use different, suitable softwares from the Mobydoc range; software that offers specific solutions. MOBYDOC MUM enables the centralised management of these collections, assuring a unique access, the sharing of resources and communal data and the search and publication of all the collections.

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The tool necessary for the publication of collections, OPAC Web enables you to select, sort, secure and present collections on the web. Integrated into Mobydoc applications in the form of a module, it is directly accessible to users without specialised computing skills and responds to their publication needs. With configurable parameters, this software can be used to build live sties that are educational and easily renewable.

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It is now 30 months since we started delivering Version 7 of Micromusée. From Marseilles to Cardiff, Namur to Carouge, almost fifty licenses are in use, covering over 70 museums and several hundred users.

The users generally assert that migration is a major shift in terms of ergonomics and potential. Still, they remain demanding and we are not inclined to rest on our potential laurels !

This accelerated distribution has enabled us to get further feedback from users belonging to Institutions of different sizes, from France and abroad. We have listened carefully to their remarks and corrected our developments accordingly.

Web publishing has much evolved and OPAC Web 7 is now available from Micromusée 6 or 7 versions. Major functions such as full search, profiles management or batch update have been further enriched.

A paramount benefit for us, and consequently for our users, is to be able to keep upgrading the version rapidly: we are no longer hampered by out of date development tools.

Our ambition remains unscathed: to offer you a reference tool, evolving, complete and user friendly. We have invested in that new version over 20 man years of development, conception, tests and external support.

Our great satisfaction is to be backed by a fantastic community of users in France and abroad: motivated, demanding and attached to the tool.
We hope you enjoyed our User group meeting in Bath. Were you able to attend or not, we wish to see you soon in Great Britain or in France!

Axiell acquires Mobydoc

Axiell acquires Mobydoc and solidifies position as number one in collections management

The new entity Axiell France positioned to be the leading partner to museums, archives and libraries in France

Lund, Sweden, May 24, 2016

Axiell, the number one supplier of collections management solutions globally, today announces the acquisition of Mobydoc, the market leader for French museums, particularly national museums. The acquisition brings together Axiell’s global resources and experience within Archives, Libraries and Museums (ALM) with the solid position that Mobydoc has held in the French market for over 20 years. The move creates an organization that will be able to continue to serve French museums with market leading solutions and services, now and in the future.
The French cultural and museum market is one of the most prominent in the world, with more than 1,200 “Musées de France” and 60 million visitors, growing every year, bringing high demand for solutions and services that can bring cultural heritage to life.

“Through this acquisition, we can now quickly expand our presence and ability to serve all of our current and future customers in the French speaking parts of the world. Close to customer is a core strategy for Axiell and we will now have resources in France with relevant experience and knowledge of the market to be able to serve all customers, large and small. We look forward to welcoming Mobydoc into the Axiell family, “says Joel Sommerfeldt, President & CEO, Axiell Group.

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New Audit module for SNBase

As you know the aim of an audit is to verify the object information. This new optional module was imbedded in Micromusée in 2007, and is compliant with the French law regarding Audit in “Museums of France” (Equivalent to the UK’s Accredited status museums).
As requested by our French clients working in Natural History Museums, this module is now available in SNBase, with the same functionality as Micromusée.
For more info about this module or to follow an on-line demonstration, please contact us!




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