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SNBase facilitates the management of all natural science collections in all aspects.

The Inventory: Management of object entry, acquisitions, donations, loans and deposits
Determination of each specimen
Description concerning the physical attributes of the specimen
Documentation regarding the scientific and literary aspects; photography, bibliography
Analysis that is both scientific and historic.
Conservation that is both active and passive; preventative measures, condition control, restorations.
Movement control: Management of localisations and movements
Publication:  Diffusion of data in the form of electronic catalogues, or over the web.

SNBase manages binominal taxonomy and facilitates the precise determination of specimens; taxons, types etc

SNBase manages one or several databases: zoology, botany, palaeontology, petrography and mineralogy
For each of these databases, Mobydoc provides a Default Model with specific input options, allowing for the precise development of specimen identifications.

SNBase is ideal for Natural History Museums, university collections, aquariums and all types of other institutions that manage natural science collections.

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