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Mobydoc MUM© | Global information system

The “MUM” enables the creation of a global information system that unites all of your collections; objects, books, photos, archives etc.

The MUM system is the integrator of Mobydoc’s documentary, database systems. 

Micromusee : Management of collections that are based in art, archaeology, ethnography and specialist museums
SNbase : Management of collections that are based in natural science museums
Mobytext: documentation devoted to documentation centres and libraries
Gapi: Management of Archives
Mobydoc Photo: Management of photographic collections
Mobydoc Filmo; Management of film collections
Mobydoc Archi: Management of Architectural sites.

Consequently, due to the MUM;

Each database is devoted to a documentation domain; museum artefacts, natural science specimens, photographs, bibliographies, archives, etc.

All databases share the same authority files; person, place, dating, localisation, etc.

The databases are interconnected. It is therefore possible, for example, to reference an object or a specimen using a bibliography catalogued with Mobytext.

Administration is unique for each of the databases

All your applications use the same interface.

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