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Mobydoc Express © | collections management systems for museums

Mobydoc Express allows you to manage the inventory of all types of collections:

The inventory: Managing entries; acquisitions, grants, loans and deposits
The physical description of the objects
The scientific and literary documentation, photography, bibliography
The historic and iconographic analysis
The publication:  electronic catalogues and OPACWeb

Mobydoc Express comes with a "general model" (organized list of available fields) with the "Recommendations for the museum inventory" which includes correspondence with the codes of entries in the "Short record " of the DMF and other standards International (MDA, CHIN).

Mobydoc Express is a simplified version of Micromusée:

Stand alone version,
No need for an administrator program
Input form less detailed allowing a complete management of the inventory,
Additional modules limited to the E-catalog (HTMLexport) and theOPACWeb

Mobydoc Express lets start a computerisation programme with a minimum investment while offering the possibility of migrating towards Micromusée.

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