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Gestion Informatique Documentaire

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Aware of the importance of consistency, uniqueness and reliability of information within a system of collection management, Mobydoc knows how to direct its customers to the most appropriate solutions.

Mobydoc offers advice to guarantee the sustainability of an investment in collections management systems.
Mobydoc has sound experience in client support; assisting in the installation, the adjustment and the update of collections management systems.

Mobydoc works also with integrators of its solutions

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Users are able to install the software themselves. Mobydoc can also assist, by remote control or directly on site with a technician.

The software can be used directly due to its straight forward interface and with the aid of the user manual. Additional services can be offered for specific parameters: input masks, views, edit forms…
Training can be customized according to :
  • Your work habits (how the system adapts to your practice).
  • The various tasks that you have set: the inventory management, documentation ...
  • Your expectations (for internal management, communication to the public.).
Technical manuals and documentation are provided with the software and used during the training.

User training is carried out on site by the Mobydoc staff.

It is advisable to hold two training sessions (first step and advanced functions) separated by a few weeks.

We also organize training courses in our office in Toulouse. The training itinerary is available to clients on the intranet.

The maintenance contract entitles you to:

Permanent assistance
From Mobydoc headquarters in Toulouse, regarding the documentation and any technical difficulties, this includes advice on how to set up your documentation (organisation of thesaurus, which fields are used for which information etc. ..).
  • Answers to your technical questions (organisation of the network, workstations settings, updates etc. ..). Assistance is available to users during the week from 7.30 am to 12 pm and 13 pm to 16 pm (UK time). Contact via by Phone, Fax, E-mail or mail.
  • Free improvements and new versions of software Updates will be sent to you automatically. Installation is very easy, run the install from the CD-ROM and answer a few questions.
Users are therefore assured continual access to the latest software, new features and any general improvements.

Remote control
With your consent, Mobydoc is able to access your system directly (subject to the acquisition of a modem and remote maintenance software)
Service available on request. Please consult us.

extensive experience in the conversion of data that has been entered using various types of software: Oracle, SQL Server, File Maker, TEXTO, DBase, etc. ..