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Gestion Informatique Documentaire

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Mobytext is a collections management system software which allows:

Content Management: Incoming copies, acquisitions, donations, loans and deposits.
Standardised Cataloguing. (ISBD)
Analysis of documents
Loans: Management of localisations and movements
Publication: Diffusion of data in the form of electronic catalogues or over the web.

Mobytext facilitates the cataloguing process and is ISBD compliant:

All types of supporting documents (book, report, periodical)
Periodical Articles
Article (content summary)

Mobytext manages documentary files, the regrouping of information extracted from localised articles and documents that are found in the documentation centre or in other institutions.

Mobytext possesses an exchange module in Unimarc format

Mobytext is able to manage the classifications (Dewey, CDU) and all types of keyword thesauri, by organizing each term in hierarchy.

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