Gestion Informatique Documentaire

Gestion Informatique Documentaire

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Mobydoc Filmo © | Films and audiovisual collections

Mobydoc Filmo facilitates the management of cinematic collections and all other types of audio-visual support collections.

Precise Historic and analytical descriptions of the films:

Information concerning the conception of the film: Screenwriter, original author, director etc.
Information concerning the filming: date, place, context etc.
Technical Information; applied procedures, organisation of technical teams
Casting; who, what role?, etc.
The management of author’s rights.
Information concerning the distribution of the film : versions and languages, distributors etc.
History: festivals, prizes and awards
Analysis; both historic and iconographic
Documentation, both scientific and literary; bibliography
Publication: Diffusion of data in the form of electronic catalogues or over the web.

This software enables the management of physical articles (75 mm reel, VHS, MPEG, etc.)

Inventory: Management of  object entry, acquisitions, donations, loans and deposits
Physical Description: format, image support, dimensions etc
Conservation, both active and passive: preventative measures, condition control, restorations.
The management of bar codes and electronic labelling.
Circulation of artefacts: loans, communications etc

The above list applies regardless of the number of copies.

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